Life In Alaska As A New Resident

Living here in Alaska is glorifying but can be very highly priced. More often it’s not logical to eat outside the house in a good restaurant considering our budgets. With controlled expenses living here in Alaska with ten dollars a day or four hundred Philippines pesos a day is impossible.

The prices here compared to California are around eighty percent higher. That is the downside living here in Alaska in comparison with living in California or the Philippines but the positive side is that there are more opportunities here and the benefits that residents have by government support is pleasurable.

Some of these residential benefits include The Permanent Fund Dividends (T.P.F.D.) or a shared profit percentage of what the state of Alaska made within a year is distributed to all who resided in Alaska for a full calendar year. The companies here give a high priority to the locals when it comes to hiring and giving available work hours than nonresident employers. It’s not that difficult to get a job in here when we live here in Alaska it reminds me when California Silicon Valley is still flourishing just walk in and you have a job.

Alaska is a good place to be in if people are looking to make a good living but we also need to be smarter spending. I can’t help but compare the prices between California and Alaska stores since I’m the type of person who always thinks about spending money wisely while buying products I’m really satisfied with. Most of the times I go beyond the limit of my budget.

For the long-term plans, I will stay here just to save money but will move to places where the cost of living is much lower where I can set up my dreams. Thinking as a family man, a dad, I would consider moving to another state for my children to where they can live happily and have the best opportunities for their studies.

Alvin Aquino in Alaska 2016

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